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Our 7-day intensive training course in Rewa, Poland, titled "How to Be a Group Leader," lasted from December 5 to 12, 2023, concluded, bringing together participants from diverse countries –

Georgia, Armenia, Croatia, Portugal, Romania, Poland.

🚀 Course Highlights:
From fundamental leadership principles to practical applications, the program covered a spectrum of skills essential for effective group leadership.

🌍 Global Exchange:
The cultural exchange among participants fostered a rich learning environment, showcasing the power of unity in diversity.

🙌 Thank You!
A big round of applause for the dedicated participants who contributed their time and energy to make this project a success. Special thanks to organizers and supporters ❤
As we bid farewell to Rewa, stay connected for updates on future projects.

Together, let's continue to inspire, lead, and shape a positive impact on the world! 💼




An intensive three-day meeting, entitled “Partnership beyond borders,” aimed at fostering cooperation and networking, between various international organizations from Europe and third countries not associated to the program, ended last week.

It was held in beautiful Slovenia, in Ljubljana, which delighted probably every one of us with its charm.
We had the opportunity to get acquainted with new potential partners, exchange experiences and good practices in organizations, as well as learn more about accreditation under the Erasmus+ project.
We will certainly use the knowledge gained and contacts made in the coming months and even years!

From 24.03.2021 to 26.03.2021 another project implemented by our Institute took place. The project Preparatory visit no. FWD/20/WP/0015 benefits from a grant of EUR 2 100,00 received from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA funds. The aim of the project is to establish long-term cooperation and to prepare and plan a joint project, which we have submitted to the Education Programme in Component I of the Professional Staff Development sector, intensive training activity in the April 2021 call. The preparatory visit was also aimed at exchanging good practices and showing the project coordinators from Poland the activities of the county office and the way of working. Moreover, it was also an opportunity to develop project documents and meet people who work on a daily basis with children as part of a health promotion programme developed by a team of experts from Nordland. During these days we met (unfortunately only online) with representatives of Nordland County Council from Norway responsible for development and implementation of health promotion programme in schools, in Nordland region and promoting outdoor learning and living/being outdoors (frilufsliv). During the conversation we discussed the assumptions of future cooperation, the concept and schedule of future training for teachers and people working with children and young people. Before the meeting we had developed initial assumptions of our project, which were detailed and discussed during the preparatory visit. We hope that our findings will result in a grant to deliver the training in April 2022.

The Preparatory Visit was carried out within the framework of the Education Programme thanks to the support of the Donor States: Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through EEA and Norway Grants.


Another project carried out by our institute took place on August 11 – August 15, 2020.

The topic of the planned preparatory visit to Iceland was the professional development of the staff, as part of which the organization from Mosfellsbær in Iceland shared with us its experience and new training techniques.

The initiative came to result that they come to fruition thanks to the co-financing of a two-month project (the projects runs lasts from 09.07.2020 to 08.09.2020. which we received from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway as a part of the EEA and Norway Grants. The effect of preparatory visit was a live meeting between representatives of the Institute of Regional Cooperation and the representatives of the newly met partner organization from Iceland – Play to Learn More.

The main purpose of the visit was to prepare effective workshops for people working with children and youth, at risk of social exclusion. Thanks to the trainings, the staff will raise its qualifications and learn about new, innovative work tools.

The preparatory visit gave the institute has a chance clarification, detail and plan our future joint project under the Education Program.

We hope that the visit to Iceland will result in establishing a long-term fruitful cooperation :)



Ladies and gentlemen,

Due to the situation in Poland and Europe related to the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus causing the COVID-19 disease, we regret to inform you that the training “Methods and ways to work against hate speech and fake news – training for representatives and employees of the non-formal education sector” will not be held on April 26-30, 2020. The new training date will be 05-09.10.2020. Everything else remains without any changes (place, partner, target group, goal).


We wish all of you health and see you soon in October.

On August 26, 2019 - September 1, 2019. in Gdynia, 33 participants from Poland, Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania took part in a youth exchange called Respect me and be human.
The youth was interested in the problem of respecting human rights in the context of refugees and the problem of increasing discrimination against refugees and immigrants
and that's why she decided to implement this project.

During the exchange and the entire project issues related to human rights, migration law, information on refugees, migration security and border protection were raised.

On 01.05.2019-07.05.2019 35 participants from Poland, Italy, Greece, Croatia and Lithuania took part in the "Entrepreneurship for everybody" project financed from the Erasmus + fund. Participants had the opportunity to increase their knowledge of entrepreneurship and business activity. And also compare the attitude of people from other European Union countries to entrepreneurship and how its level is shaped.

The theme of the project and the seven-day youth exchange from five different European countries was the development of entrepreneurial competence and initiative by simulating running your own company in the field of green jobs.

We have just finished our Training Course of the project Cultural Tourism in a form of Youth Entrepreneurhip! For 7 days (from 31/05 until 6/06) we hosted youth from Argentina (RAMC), Brazil (Cooperbom Turismo), Peru (Brigada De Voluntarios Bolivarianos) and Spain (Asociación Projuven).

The main objective of the TC was to promote youth entrepreneurship education in the field of cultural-touristic enterprise.
We had a very useful workshops about Business Model Canvas and Entrepreneurship Platform which was created specially for this project (http://www.iwr.org.pl/ctafoye). Participants showed a huge commitment and curiosity of the topic.

From 21/05 untill 30/05 volunteers from the Institute for Regional Cooperation together with partners from Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Lithuania took part in a project held in Kaunas entitled "Crafts of the past as a way to the future".

During the project were discussed subjects related to cultural heritage, shaping our identity and activities related to traditional crafts. During the creative workshops, general reflections and cultural evenings the youth had the opportunity to learn about the culture of partner countries and spend an active and fruitful time during the whole exchange.

From 2 of May until 8 of May two representatives of our foundation took part in the Job Shadowing as part of the project "Cultural tourism as a form of Youth Entrepreneurship" during which they watched the work of volunteers from Cooperbom Turismo organization in Ilheus, Brazil.
During the 7-day stay, they took part in the workshops thanks to which they got to know how tourist, cultural and historical features can be used in running an enterprise and shared their knowledge about Tourism in Poland. The main point was the Chocolate Route farm and the CEEP do Chocolate School of Technical Studies where they learned the secrets of cocoa fruits. They also had the opportunity to see a building dedicated to the works of Jorge Amado- the most famous twentieth century Brazilian writer of literature, Centro Cultural Bataclã and the viewpoint- Mirante de Serra Grande.


From 11.11.2018 to 17.11.2018 representatives of our foundation Instytut Współpracy Regionalnej, took part in youth exchange entitled C-Thinking organized in Kaunas by Neribota Ateitis. In project took part representatives of 4 countries: Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Slovakia, the main topic of the project was critical thinking. The C-thinking was addressed mainly to youth with fewer opportunities (social problems). Main aims of the project was:

-To increase participants’ abilities to evaluate information and construct arguments.
-To figure out the ways how improved critical thinking skills can help others to integrate into society or find a job place.
-To promote Erasmus+ programme and its goals.

There were 42 participants from Poland, Lithuania, Spain and Italy at the age of 18-25 taking part in a project: "Critical thinking - Media filter", who were not only active and conscious civil society members but also would like to broaden their knowledge on the above mentioned subject and develop their creativity.

The main goal of the project was to learn critical thinking tools, stimulate creativity and acquire some skills connected with the implementation of the tools in media literacy. This goal got achieved through the following actions (sequence of activities prepared by the participants during the youth exchange.

On 18 and 25 April took place debate about  to culture and youth impact for creating public space . In debates  participated secondary school pupils and students , representatives of local governments ; youth organizations and eksperts.

Our partners from Romania and Belgium were at APV betwen 11-13 Apr.

The meeting concentrated on preperation youth exchange in July 2016

We invite all students and high school students to participate in the cycle of the debates:

"Active participation of young people in planning the development of the municipality"

The first debate took place on 21.03.16. Its' major theme was formal and informal education for young people.

In the debate took part more than 100 people including the representatives of the university, local government, experts, students and youth.

We kindly invtie you to participate in the next debate, which will take place on 04.04.2016 in the AJD's building located on Zbierskiego 2/4 Street. Beginning at 9.30 a.m

Topic of the debate: Supporting economic development and eliminating youth unemployment.

For the most active participants, there are  provided  some prizes !!!!

We kindly invite all university and high school students to take part in the cycle of the debates.''Active participation of young people in planning the development of the municipality"