There are twenty four participants from three European countries (Poland, Romania, Malta) involved in the project „Eko Exchange", aged 16-25. They are interested in renewable energy resources. This is trilateral youth exchange. Theme of the project „Eko Exchange" is renewable energy resources. Thematic concept includes: solar energy, wind energy, hydropower energy, geothermal energy and biomass energy. 

The general objective is to raise public awareness about renewable energy sources, to promote knowledge of renewable energy and environmentally friendly behavior, to development positive attitudes towards environment, individual and social development and intercultural education.

Detailed objectives are: to develop knowledge about energy produced from renewable sources like: sunshine, wind, water and biomass, construction of solar cells, solar panels, wind turbines, hydro power plant and the way they work, to develop responsibility attitude towards environment; to raise awareness on saving natural resources, skills development with main focus on group work, creativity development among young people.

To reach these goals participants will take part in: simulation games, energizer games, intercultural evenings, brainstorming, experiments, discussion panels and the series of workshops on renewable energy sources. Effect of the project is increased interest in renewable energy resources and environmentally friendly attitude. Creativity, selfconfidence and interpersonal skills will be stimulated. During the project young people would preparemodels with the reference to renewable energy resources.

Project was realised in 2013