Organizing the series of trainings and consults which broaden knowledge about the creation and development of non-governmental organizations. The project was financed by the RDP 2007-2013 LAG ''Together to Upland''. The main objective of the project was to improve the quality of living conditions of the inhabitants by the introduction of training courses and some consults in the field of creation and development of social organizations as well as in the creation of a network of organizations in the area of LAG ''Together to Upland''.

Completed actions:

Training courses:

1)Conducting trainings in each municipality, in the area of functioning of LAG connected with the basis of the functioning of NGO's sector.

2) Conducting training so as to build the image of NGOs

3) Conducting training courses in order to raise funds for the functioning of the organization

4) Conducting training courses connected with the Law of Associations, Foundations and other provisions related to the functioning of NGOs.

5)Conducting training of NGO's accounting.

Mobile information point: Within the framework of the project there was created a mobile information point for those who were interested in creating or developing their NGOs.

Guide: handbook titled: ABC NGOs (.PDF) prepared by the university lecturer