This project concerns  series of 5 debates on youth participation in  youth policy-making taking into account the development of commune.

The idea emerged itself form the initiative of students of the Faculty of Administration in Akademia Jana Długosza in Częstochowa who are not only the participants of scientific circle but also are  cooperating with our organization. Debates will be organized with the active participation of decision-makers, experts and young people as well.

Expected topics of debates:
Debate No 1 The extension of the formal and no-formal education in order to intensify the youths' key competences
Debate No 2  The support of the economic development
Debate No 3  The young people possibilities of the construction of public space in commune
Debate No 4  Youth engagement in the cultural life in the particular commune
Debate No 5  Summing up a series of debates, creating the communication network between youth, experts and policymakers

This project  is implemented in Czestochowa from March and May 2016 in cooperation with Jan Dlugosz Academy