The "Entrepreneurship for everybody" project was organized for the needs of young people gathered at the organization who wanted to broaden their knowledge of entrepreneurship and running a business as well as compare the attitude of people from other EU countries to entrepreneurship and how its level is shaped. The participants also wanted to broaden their knowledge of the so-called green jobs. The interest of Polish youth in this topic stemmed mainly from the desire to deepen the issue raised in social innovation "Job shadowing - a way to meet future employers".

Young people want to increase competences in the field of entrepreneurship, running a business and better preparation for a smooth transition from the education stage to the labor market.

The main goal of the project was to strengthen the potential of participants on the labor market by developing the competence of initiative and entrepreneurship through simulations - creating and running companies in the area of ​​green jobs.


Specific objectives:

- mutual understanding of the situation of young people on the labor market in their local environment in the country of origin of all participants and analyzing where it is easiest to run a business;

- acquiring basic skills to develop a diagnosis of the target group of products / services offered and directing relevant advertising to them;

- learning and using the Design Thinking method and its tools;

- learning the principles of development and functioning of companies through a visit and lecture at the Business Incubator - acquiring knowledge about sustainable development and the so-called green jobs;

- acquiring knowledge and skills to create a business plan;

- establishing contacts with local entrepreneurs in order to develop their professional ideas;

- overcoming barriers to communication between participants from different countries and from different environments;

- strengthening partnerships and expanding contact networks


The participants of the project were 40 people from Poland, Italy, Lithuania, Greece and Croatia, aged 18-25, active and aware citizens of civil society. The project was implemented using a number of non-formal and informal learning methods (e.g. mixed group work, workshops, brainstorming, discussions, etc.). The main principle throughout the whole project was the principle of learning from each other.

The project's goals have been achieved thanks to the following activities:

- creation and presentation by each organization of the presentation on the economy and the labor market in their local environment

- visit to the Entrepreneurship Incubator

- deepening and systematizing knowledge on sustainable development

- deepening knowledge about the situation of young people on European labor markets

- field work by developing and conducting a questionnaire addressed to the local community in order to identify the needs of customers and analyze the target group to which the product will be targeted - creating by the company youth from the area of ​​green jobs and developing the basic elements for it: product / service, target group and promotion

- meeting with the local community and entrepreneurs.


Project results:

5 models of enterprises based on Business Model Canvas


Prezentations of models of enterprises on Youtube:


Recommendations for future young entrepreneurs