Project „Eco-Sustainable Innovation” is realized with the support of young people from Croatia, Italy, Romania and Lithuania. Implementation of the project gives an opportunity to youth to develop creativity, worldview, broaden their knowledge of environmental protection and the management of energy protection.


Project also provides within one week deepening of pro-ecological attitude, learning the types of energy sources and creating a model of a society focused on sustainable energy development.


The specific aims of the project are:

  • expanding participants' knowledge about renewable energy by visiting the Department of Renewable Energy of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Gdańsk;
  • increasing participants' knowledge of energy consumption in the local environment;
  • learning the principles of sustainable development;
  • learning the culture of the countries participating in the exchange;
  • breaking the linguistic and cultural barrier;
  • shaping appropriate social attitudes towards natural resources;
  • the ability to solve problems, improve concentration.


The project responds to the needs of young people such as:

  • learning about the possibilities of using natural resources to obtain energy;
  • experience of the methods of obtaining renewable energy;
  • the need to save exhausting natural resources;
  • getting acquainted with the opinion of other countries on the use of renewable energy sources and environmental protection;
  • improvement of linguistic communication, scientific and technical, social and IT competences.


The project contributes to:

  • raising the level of key competences of youth, including people with fewer opportunities, foreign-language competition, social and IT competences;
  • establishing cooperation between 5 European organizations which work for young people;
  • increasing the attractiveness of the international dimension of partner organizations in the field of education and youth work in order to offer activities and programs that respond to the needs of EU youth.

As part of the project, a youth exchange is planned in Gdynia. The participants of the exchange will be 40 young people aged 18-27 coming from Poland, Croatia, Romania, Italy and Lithuania. Among them, 5 people are leaders. The participants of the exchange will also be people with fewer opportunities who deal with economic, geographic and cultural obstacles.