Project „The use of social media in youth work” is aimed at people working with youth and group leaders, who wants to get new competences in the use of social media to create a new and educational offer for youth. Almost all people who participate in the project use social media only to communicate, therefore the project also guarantees broadening the knowledge on safe use of the Internet.  


Additional and still important goals are:

  • identification and knowledge of problems and current topic in youth work;
  • facilitating intensive contacts between people working with youth from different countries;
  • perception of differences and perceiving the potential of diversity;
  • dealing with the European values – European integration;
  • promoting creative skills of project participants;
  • promotion of information exchange on the situation, everyday life, culture in the countries participating in the project;
  • dealing with social media under the account of threats flowing from them;
  • finding methods and ideas for wider use of existing social media in youth work;

As part of the project will include training for 25 youth workers from 5 countries (Poland, Italy, Romania, Croatia, Greece).

The participants are usually employees of partner organizations of people who have been coopering for these organizations for years.

The implementation of the project will have a significant impact on the level of education of young people in the countries participating in the project and on the level of European and international integration.


The sustainable results of the project will be:

  • training material containing methods of working with young people using social media;
  • network of partner organizations;
  • network of contacts between participants;
  • photographic documentation.