From September 3-9, an international youth exchange took place as part of the "No more fights for human rights" project, implemented in Wiele, in the beautiful Kashubia region.

IWR hosted youth from partner organizations from Italy- Sustainable Vibes, Bulgaria- WalkTogether, Malta- Prisms Malta, Turkey- ARAZDER Eskişehir Sosyal İnavasyon ve Gelişim Derneği and Poland.

During the exchange, participants learned about key human rights issues and major international documents related to the issue, worked with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights looking for connections with their own needs and the articles presented in the document.
In addition, they conducted various workshops to improve their knowledge, on important personalities involved in the struggle for human rights, and an Oxford-style debate.

During the exchange, the participants developed the results, which can be found below:
- presentations presenting profiles of important social activists and people fighting for human rights in their countries
- short videos presenting, in an amusing and sometimes perverse way, the provisions to protect human rights contained in the UDHR.

The project has received funding from the European Union.







Filmiki przedstawiające przepisy, chroniące praw człowieka zawarte w UDHR: 

No more fights for human rights - video 1

No more fights for human rights - video 2

No more fights for human rights - video 3


Rezultaty w formie prezentacji multimedialnej:

Prezentacja Włochy

Prezentacja Turcja

Prezentacja Bułgaria

Prezentacja Malta 

Prezentacja Polska